Alex Smith and The Mountain Sound



   The Mountain Sound is made up of a rotating cast of musicians, with the accompanyment varying with Smith's location in the country.  Most often featured are:


Dylan Rice

    Rice, Smith's cousin, is a wonderfully talented multi-instrumentalist from Memphis, Tennessee.  He is most often featured on the guitar and mandolin when playing with Smith, but is also an excellent singer, drummer, and bassist.

The two began touring together in 2012, and have since played hundreds of shows together all over the Eastern half of the United States.  When not on stage with The Mountain Sound, you can catch Rice with his band The Kairos.  


Jake Brillhart

    A fiddler trained in the Cape Breton style, Jake Brillhart was born and raised in the remote Vermont town of West Topsham.  He and Smith met at college at St. Lawrence University in 2012, bonding over their love of music and rural fiction writing, and have been touring since.  When not with The Mountain Sound you can catch Brillhart performing with Grey Eyed Strangers and his family band Banish Misfortune, or tapping his feet with the The St. Lawrence Contra Club.


Mike Ranellone

   A former college roomate of Smith's, cellist Mike Ranellone from Saratoga Springs, New York, brings a unique sound to the table when on stage with Smith.  As an extremely gifted and technically proficient classical cellist, Ranellone adds a freshness to the traditionally-influenced songs of Smith, and the two will soon release an EP entitled Close To Home.