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December 10, 2022
By JoshuaWard
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Whether you’re looking for a Backyard Buddy lift price, or a lift for any other type of vehicle, you’ll want to be sure to compare the different types of lifts that are available. You don’t want to end up paying a lot for a lift that isn’t going to work well.
BendPak HD9 series lifts are superior to Backyard Buddy

Those looking for a 4 post lift should consider the BendPak HD9 series lifts. These lifts are ALI certified, have dual safety locks and slack cable safety. They also have a jack bridge and a removable 2 post lift. These lifts can be used for work or for storage. They also offer a 110v pump and can be floor mounted.

When it comes to car lifts, there are many to choose from. The name brand, BendPak, offers a line of lifts that are superior to the competition. Their customer service is good and they have over 650 installation and service centers in the U.S. They have a plethora of lift models, from a lightweight to a super duty model. Their prices range from $500 to $1000.

Besides their great customer service, BendPak also offers a free replacement of the cylinder. The cylinder is a steel locking insert that is placed in the leg cut out. This is a “fused” system that provides more surface area for the bearings, thus decreasing friction wear.
BendPak HD9 series lifts are NOT ALI certified

Having a stranded car is never fun. one of the top Parking Car lifts don’t want to end up hurting yourself while trying to get it back into the garage. However, it is important to know what to do in the event that your vehicle gets stuck.

The first thing to do is check the locking positions. If the vehicle is stuck, you should stop working immediately and contact your lift factory. You can also check to see if the oil level is correct. If the oil is not at a proper level, it is likely that there is air inside the oil. If the oil is dirty, it may be time to clean the inlet screen.

If your vehicle has a slack cable, it is most likely because you have not properly routed the cable over the hub. This could result in uneven ramps or even uneven lifting. When the cable is slack, the lift will shut down before the situation becomes dangerous.
BendPak HD9 series lifts are perfect for storing ATV’s, snowmobiles and other seasonal vehicles

Whether you need to store your ATVs, snowmobiles or seasonal vehicles in your backyard buddy lift, the HD-9 series by BendPak is an ideal choice. if you’re interested in Mechanic Superstore, you can find their website here. are built to handle a 9,000 pound capacity and are easily portable.

Featuring an integrated design, the HD-9 series boasts longer approach ramps, variable-height parking, multi-level locking positions and a pneumatic safety lock control. Additionally, provides exclusion protection. Designed to handle low ground clearance vehicles, the HD-9SW also provides additional room on the sides, making it ideal for wide trucks.

Each unit comes with four high-quality stainless steel lifting cables rated at 14,400 lbs. Each cable is fully enclosed within the lift structure and is maintenance-free. Also, the lifts feature an integrated electric-hydraulic power system, which ensures a balanced rise and safe descent.

The secondary slack-cable detection system will automatically shut down the entire lift application if slack is found. The HD-9 series also features an ergonomic control panel, which makes it easy to operate.
Jim Landino’s purchase of Backyard Buddy Corp.

Several years ago, Jim Landino sold his company, Sunbelt Transformer Inc., to a company called Backyard Buddy Corp. It’s a small company that makes car lifts. It’s not very well known on the internet. Besides that, it doesn’t advertise much. It has about 28 employees. But now Landino wants to take it to the next level. He plans to expand the company’s market and go after collectors.

The company will soon start selling lifts, manufactured by Landino’s company, JL Industries. He plans to target the backyard mechanic segment and a segment of collectors who want high-end vehicles. He’s also targeting a segment of recreational vehicles. The company is estimated to have about $1 million in funding, and an annual revenue of about 7.5 million.

Besides that, Landino wants to expand the company outside of the business. He plans to open a casual dining restaurant in the spring. The company’s new location will be on State Street and Sharpsville Avenue. They’ll also have a 10 foot coffee cup.

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